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Dec. 12th, 2012

Looking back at some of my old entries, I can barely recognize myself. That's good, probably. Part of me has the urge to torch the journal because, girl, you've got some pretension on your face, but it's probably a good elbow to the ribcage reminding me that in hindsight I will always have a bit of pretension or naivety or something else to keep me humble and I'd better just come to terms with that now. So it's staying & I'm staying & we're both becoming something different. I'm a grown ass woman, and there are better ways for me to talk about my life: preferably over drinks and really crappy bar food. There are probably worse ways for me to flail about like a fangirl, so methinks I'll stick with that.

Back in 2010 I recorded some Podfic for Shoebox Project (not that I had any idea what I was doing). Two years later, I get back from Tanzania only to discover Podfic has become a thing. A thing, people! This is brilliant news. Therefore, I'm hoping to do lots and lots of that. If my Gram only knew what recording Grandma Tapes for me as a child would mean for me as an adult. But yes, on to that.

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